AntEater Antics

  • $19.99

Get active with Melissa and Doug's Anteater Antics game. This game is a fun way for kids to improve their dexterity and memory. It challenges their memory to collect matching picnic food and ant cards. They catch the plush ants with the fun plush anteater hat. It gets the players moving by challenging them to race back to home base before the games timer runs out. This is a fun and challenging game for players ages four and up. 

  • Mix and match game, challenges player's memory and dexterity, two plush anteater hats that fasten with Hook-and-loop, six plush ants that Hook-and-loop to the hat's snout, thirty-four mix and match game cards, ideal for ages four and up
  • Set includes: One (1) game manual, (2) two anteater hats, six (6) plush ants, one (1) timer, thirty-four (34) game cards