Chicken Little is OPEN and CDC compliant!
Chicken Little is OPEN and CDC compliant!
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Lilou 14" Baby Doll

Lilou 14" Baby Doll

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  • Lilou is the perfect large baby doll for caring for doll like real parents. 
  • At 14”, it is just the right size for a child's little arms - perfect for cuddling, mothering and copying what grown-ups do when caring for their babies. 
  • The doll's face, arms, and legs are made of delicately vanilla-scented, soft-touch vinyl.
  • Its soft body means it can move easily and even sit up “all on its own”
  • It can keep its thumb in its mouth
  • With its sleeping eyes, it falls asleep when put down on its back
  • Lilou is dressed in a top and trousers and is also wearing a headband and ballet flats.