SeaLife Sensory Bin

  • $24.99

A full beach adventure contained in one, easy-to-store sensory bin!

Fill one side of the bin with the fine sand, perfect for molding with the included sand molds. Then, use the big rocks as a divider and fill the other side with the mesmerizing aquabeads.

Kids can send the sea-life figurines "swimming" among the beads before "catching" them with the sifter, or just enjoy feeling the squishy beads slip between their fingers.

Then, once playtime is over, just snap the lid back on and stow it away!

Great for sensory discovery, cognitive skill-building, and imaginative play, the Sensory Bin Ocean and Sand is an ideal pre-preschool adventure.

Sensory Bin Ocean and Sand
  • Plastic storage bin filled with sand, rocks, aquabeads, and fun beach accessories
  • Encourages sensory discovery, fine motor skills, spatial reasoning, cognitive skill-building, imaginative play
  • Features fine sand to mold with included sand molds
  • Use the big rocks as a divider between the sand and aquabeads
  • Illustrated instructions feature cognitive tasks for kids and parents to complete together
  • Includes bin, sensory sand (2lbs), water beads (9g), sand sifter, scoop, sand molds, ocean animals, river rocks
  • Illustrated instructions included
  • High-quality materials and construction - Lasting durability